********Mailing address********** August 2017
We have discontinued our POBox so please use our street address for all mail. 

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Sunny Smiles

Smiling exercises at least 30 muscles in your face. So when exercise eludes you, flash those pearly whites and beam away, knowing you’re burning calories whilst making yourself feel good too.  Laughter is a valuable immune buffering behavior, protecting your brain from the effects of pain and disease. A recent American study showed that 40 years ago the average American laughed for around 50 minutes a day. Now that average is down to only 17 minutes a day!

Headline Brochure

Explaining the role of a physiotherapy clinic, totally dedicated to disorders of the head, neck and jaw can sometimes be a challenge. We have therefore produced a 3 fold flier which contains everything you ever wanted to know about Headline Physiotherapy. If you would like to see a copy, please pick one up from reception or call our office and we can mail copies to you.

Heat Wheats

Can we post another reminder to always follow the heating instructions given for your particular heat wheat? Placing a small jar of water in the microwave, helps guard against overheating and burning. Never add oils or oil based perfumes to the bag and be very wary of bags made from nylon materials. People with poor heat discrimination abilities and reduced cognitive function must be supervised when using heat.

 Brain Training

We’ve been very busy recently, updating ourselves on all the latest in brain and pain research and adapting it for the head and neck. We are introducing some brain training exercises and are keen to collect data from a wide range of people. If you have family or friends accompanying you on a visit to our rooms we would love it if they could spare a few minutes to complete a few simple card games. It’s all very easy, quite good fun and their score will remain anonymous!

Please let us know if there is anything more we can do to assist you on your journey to health and happiness.